| December/January 1989

  • 1935 F & M mower
    Utilimotor U 15899 on its 1935 F & M mower.
  • Johnson Quick Action Mag
    Johnson Utilimotor No. U 15899, owned by Jennie Reynolds. Brass cover is over the Wico type 'F' mag. Flywheel is cast iron. Earlier Utilimotors used the same Johnson 'Quick Action' mag and aluminum flywheel as sold to and used by Mayta
  • Flywheel as a Maytag innovation
    A close up of Utilimotor U 15899. Note opening in flywheel long thought of as a Maytag innovation. It is covered by patent No. 1,300,637, application filed May 19, 1917 by R. A. Oglesby and assigned to Quick Action Ignition Company. Quick Action became a

  • 1935 F & M mower
  • Johnson Quick Action Mag
  • Flywheel as a Maytag innovation

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In 1987 I set out to learn as much I could about an engine I acquired that summer. The person selling it said he thought it was a Maytag.

The engine was mounted on a lawn mower and was covered with a heavy layer of everything that had filtered down upon it from the caved-in barn under which it had rested since about 1950.

After scraping away much of this crud, I found a brass tag which proudly proclaimed that this engine was a Utilimotor No. U15899 built by the Johnson Motor Company of Waukegan, Illinois.

The mower was an F & M with the year 1935 stamped on it. It was probably a 'kit' on which the purchaser mounted the motor of his choice.

I had the same questions running through my head that most of us engine nuts have at the time we have a new 'find': what year was it built, what color was it, and how many were made?

1/25/2018 10:18:22 AM

i have a large 4 blade wooden wind turbine with the hub. The hub is stamped with 'Johnson Motor Products Co Pat Pending'. What is this and was it made by the company in this article?