Historic Event

| January/February 1992

RR #1, Box 165 Windsor, Vermont 05089

It was a hot evening in August. Everyone was just sort of hanging around. The phone rang. My wife answered-a call from a relative. They talked and my wife hung up the phone.

Guess what! Her brother Joe called to say he had run across someone with three engines he wanted to sell. That perked the ears up a little. I'd probably be up north in a week or so and would check into this important matter.

A few days went by and brother Albert called and was interested in knowing if I had checked on the engines yet. He said he drove by the place and there was an engine dragged out and set in front of the barn, and if I was interested I'd better be getting with it.

I decided I'd go the next day and see what the story on the engines was. It would be about an eighty mile trip one way, but so what; it was for a good cause.

 I decided to take the car instead of the truck so I would have a better ride, and I thought I probably couldn't strike a deal anyway. All the way up, I wondered what kind and how big or small these engines were.