'Hi from Helen'

Hello Engine Folks:

| March/April 1978

Box 188, Sherburn, Minnesota 56171

Thought I would write a note and let you know what's been happening since I wrote the article about my dad in the Nov.-Dec. 1977 issue of GEM (actually written in May).

First off, the response to the article has been overwelming! As of this date I've had over 200 letters and I've 'met' a lot of great people and wonderful new friends through the mail. Like I say, engine people are the greatest! Thanks again to everyone who has written, and eventually I'll get them all answered. I might add too, that through my ad I've sold all the record books I had on hand and am having a second batch printed.

With all the encouraging and inspiring letters I developed a severe attack of enginitis. Here in Minnesota the 'bug' subsides in the winter, unless you are blessed with a heated garage (which I'm not). Last Sunday I couldn't resist any longer. We had a 'heat wave'....it got up to 0° Fahrenheit (can't get the hang of that new Celcius stuff, so I'll stick to good old Fahrenheit). It's been around 15° - 30° below zero most of this month - down to -75° (when you include the windchill factor) many times. So, I donned my long unmentionables and two layers of clothes, grabbed my fiberfill jacket and went to work on the new 1 HP Ideal. After about an hour I realized I had to have a few loose screws of my own to keep working with subzero temperature tools and getting frost bitten hands everytime I had to hang on to the engine with bare hands....then FINALLY I came to my senses! I promptly removed the flywheels and piston, the head, and then took the base off the trucks and did the first intelligent thing of the day-I carried it all into the basement. Such is life!

We managed to pick up some great new engines in 1977. A 2? HP IHC Famous, 1? HP Galloway, 1 HP Galloway, another dish-wheeled Fairbanks, a 1 HP Rock Island, 2? HP Sandow, an upright New Way, the 1 HP air-cooled Ideal and a 1? HP DeLaval with vacuum pump and generator. Enough to keep us busy for 10 years!

As for the progress on my buck-board for the Briggs/Stratton motor wheel. I was able to purchase some original slats and one original seat, plus the parts diagrams, so things look pretty hopeful to me! Does anyone have a seat or any parts for a buckboard they'd like to sell or trade? (See my want ad.) What I can't find, I'll have to try and make. Wish me luck.