Hercules Engine News

Half-Breed Project Update

| March/April 2002

  • 7 HP Hercules screen cooled engine

  • Half-breed Project
    The half-breed project as it looks now, almost done.

  • 7 HP Hercules screen cooled engine
  • Half-breed Project

The 7 HP Hercules screen cooled engine replica project is nearing completion, and to prove it we have a picture of the project as it looks now with but a little pin-striping yet to be done.

But, as with many projects of this type, the real moment of truth arrives when it comes time to add up all the costs incurred in the process. Some of you have probably wondered just how much it has cost to get this far, so this month I've pulled together a ledger of expenses so far.

As with probably most projects of this kind, there seems to always be more involved than originally expected, and this time is no exception. The table at right gives a breakdown on expenses.

Not included in the table is any allowance for my own travel, shop use, on-hand supplies or labor. The cost of an original 7 HP half-base screen-cooled Economy engine from Sears & Roebuck (on a straight cart with igniter and battery and coil ignition) in 1915 was $159 plus shipping.

In addition to local suppliers of goods and services, a lot of the gas engine hobby suppliers were also needed, including Starbolt, Hit & Miss, Calvin Brookover, John Wanat, The Hobby Shop (castings), Ken Meeks, and Otto Gas Engine Works.

Half-Breed Project Expenses to Date:

7 HP half-base hopper-cooled engine