Hercules Engine News

Including Economy, Arco, Jaeger & Thermoil

| March/April 1994

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The question frequently comes up in regard to determining the year that Hercules and related engines were built. Records no longer exist. Records at defunct Servel, Inc., were destroyed when the Whirlpool Corporation took over the plant facilities in 1957. The records at the Hercules Body Works, where replacement parts were supplied from, were disposed of in 1955 when the business was sold to a new owner. What is left now is the putting together of bits and pieces of information to form a guideline for dating the engines. Information used includes:

1. News articles relating to annual engine production.

2. Dated instruction and parts books.

3. Casting dates beginning in late 1924.

4. Illustrations in Sears & Roebuck catalogs.