Hercules Engine News

Including Economy, ARCO, Jaeger & Thermoil

| August/September 1992

  • Hercules Gas Engine Co.

  • Elkhart built in Magneto
    ELKHARDT BUILT-IN MAGNETO. Furnished on 1914 Engines.
  • Elkhardt magneto

  • Elkhardt magneto

  • Hercules Gas Engine Co.
  • Elkhart built in Magneto
  • Elkhardt magneto
  • Elkhardt magneto

20601 Old State Road Haubstadt, Indiana 47639

By mid 1914 Hercules and Economy model E engines were being produced at the Hercules Gas Engine Company. The E model era would end some seven years later in 1921. During that time over 210,000 engines were produced, making the E Model more numerous than all other models combined during 20 years of engine production. Jaeger brand engines made their first appearance toward the end of the E model era.

Serial numbers at Evansville apparently began at 50,000. The lowest number observed to date is 50,035. It is a 2? HP Economy with rounded hopper edges and the serial number tag located on the base.

Initially, the first changes from the D to the E model were the addition of a speed control lever to the governor and a brass tag to the engine base or hopper top. Also with the introduction of the E models, the HP ratings were increased from 4 to 5, 6 to 7, 8 to 9, and 10 to 12. The bores and strokes remained the same, as did the r.p.m. on the 9 and 12. On the 5 and 7 HP, the r.p.m. was raised by 25.

The early Hercules E was rated at 2? HP, whereas the Economy was rated at 2? HP. Originally the Hercules had a 4' bore too, but it was increased to 4?' and rerated to 3 HP.

There were numerous changes in various engine parts during the E model era. Some were very minor, others were easily observed. Some of the features of the Hercules and Economy lines are different and these will be dealt with later.


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