Hercules Engine News

Sparta Economy Engines

| April/May 2002

Before we launch into this month's column, I thought it would interest readers to know that Rudy Hufnagle, the last known surviving Hercules employee, passed away on Jan. 23, 2002 at the age of 100. Rudy was featured in Hercules Engine News in the October 1994 issue of GEM.

This issue I wanted to take a look at the surviving sizes and models of the Economy engines built by the Holm Machine Manufacturing Co. of Sparta, Mich., what we commonly refer to as 'Sparta Economy' engines.

There is always the curiosity among collectors as to how many were built and of what sizes and models. Currently, I know of 528 of these Sparta Economy engines that still exist. There are, no doubt, many more than that out there somewhere. The table presented here is a breakdown of those currently known.

The total shown in the table is 501 engines. There are 27 more where there is insufficient data to properly classify them.

1912 Sparta Economy, 2 HP Model CA, owned by Bob Naske.

Known Sparta Economy Engines: Listed By Model and Horsepower