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| April/May 1995

  • Hercules built engine

  • Hercules built engine

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Rebuilding the governor on Hercules built engines is usually a simple matter if a step by step procedure is followed. Although there are slight differences between the governors used on the one piece block small engines and the larger three piece block engines, the steps are the same. There are also a few differences between the earlier governor and the later 'H & S' model governors. To complicate matters further, many engine governors today are mixtures of the different model parts put together.

The accompanying illustration, although for the larger engines, shows all the important parts referred to in the article to follow.

Begin with the removal of the entire governor assembly from the engine. On most engines, an offset screwdriver will be a big help to reach in and loosen the slot head bolts used on most engines. Be careful to not let the governor spindle rod fall out (if it is of the 'H & S' type). If the end of the rod falls out, you can usually find it, but the little ball will bounce away and hide forever.

Remove the governor weight pins. If they are worn, make new ones from stock of the original diameter (3/16'). Peen one end and drill a cotter pin hole through the other end.

Remove the governor spindle rod, spring and any spacer washers. The head of the spindle rod may have notches worn in it where the governor weight fingers touch it. The other end of the rod may be worn off from turning against the detent arm finger. A new rod can be made from a ' diameter carriage bolt. Make the new rod slightly longer than the old one.