Helpful Hints

| November/December 1973

1427 Wessyngton Road, N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30306

I'd like to tell the readers that a new and better way of striping a new paint job has been found. Last April I made a test panel and put it out in the sun and weather for more than three months and the stripe did not fail. The secret is to use a felt tip permanent ink marker. They can be bought from office supply houses or book stores. The marker must be labeled 'Waterproof', permanent ink.

Water color markers will not hold up, even for one day in the sun. Care must be taken when striping not to overshoot a stopping point, because it is impossible to cover up your error by using more paint. This ink will bleed through any color paint in a day or two. Happy striping!

Another hint is where to buy gasoline check valves that are used in our gasoline tanks. I found two sources, one is Briggs & Stratton 'Pipe Fuel' #293700 or NAPA #7-023040. Both are made of brass with a strainer and can be bought for less than $2.00 each. The two inch long stem can be pushed into a 1/4' O.D. copper tube and soldered. Or, this new 1/4' O.D. plastic tubing will fit tightly on the check valve steam. Drop in your tank and your check valve troubles are gone forever. Note: They must be used vertically - will not work in a horizontal position.

If the brethren will use American Super Lead-Free gasoline, there will be no sticky varnish residue left in the tank or fuel lines and none to stick the check valve either, open or closed. A stuck check valve, either open or closed will cause irregular running and very hard starting.

A Gulf Oil Corp. engineer told me that the gasoline used up to 1924 had an Octane rating of 64. This is the Octane number our old engines were designed to use. The nearest fuel that we can buy today (64 Octane) is VM&P Naptha. It will run, but makes the engine hard to start when either hot or cold, so would not recommend its use. Also, it causes an abnormal amount of black smoke and soft carbon which we don't need. So, let's stick to American Super Lead Free gasoline to save us unneeded trouble.