| February/March 1995

  • Fairbanks-Morse Z engine
    Fairbanks-Morse Z, s/n 589372, with unidentified pump.
  • Cushman Husky engine
    Cushman Husky, model 3M, 15-6 HP, s/n 143056.

  • Fairbanks-Morse Z engine
  • Cushman Husky engine

Route5,Box534G Waco, Texas 76705

I have been collecting parts to put this display together for a long time. The engine is a Fairbanks-Morse Z, 1 HP, 500 RPM, the serial number is 589372. I got the engine from my Uncle' Edd Sterba in Republic County, Kansas, about twenty years ago. I grew up near his farm hearing this engine popping away pumping water for his livestock. One year the creek near his home flooded and silted in the well. He never used the engine again. I got it from him maybe about ten years later. It was rusted and stuck but all the parts were there except the gas tank and muffler.

After a lot of cleaning and some effort, I got it freed up. With some advice from a man at the Mankato, Kansas, engine show 1 got it timed and started. After that it spent several years in my shed collecting dust. After moving to Texas I got interested in doing something with it.

On a visit back to Kansas, my dad and I found his old pump jack at his farm. The wood was all rotted away, but the rest was in good shape. My dad had, in turn, gotten it from his dad years ago. He does not know what brand it is and there are no ID marks on it. He did know that it was red in color.

The pump I got from a friend of mine. It was made by the Dempster Mill Company, in Beatrice, Nebraska. It was in excellent condition and needed very little repair work. The cart I fabricated myself. I just finished it this summer.

I have attended several engine shows but never displayed anything before, so I decided to take it to Temple, Texas, to their show this fall. The weather was great and so was the show. My wife and I and our friends had a great time there. I look forward to taking it to other shows in the future.