| June/July 1986

Gas Engine

Lindhagagatan 46A, S-60210 Norrkoping Sweden

This engine is currently painted red and green. Mr. Friis would like to know the original colors, as well as the make and age. Can you help?

I have a question for the readers of Gas Engine Magazine. Last month I bought a gas engine, but I don't know the make of it. On a plate I only can read: Engine ser #336741, RPM 600 and HP 1. I also want to know the right color and the age of it. Can anyone give me some information about it?

A photo of the engine is shown and also photos of two of my about 25 other engines. These two are hot-bulb engines. The one without radiator is a 1934 Beijer 16 HP and the other is a 1910 Sandbacken 10-12 HP. Both are Swedish engines.