Hello From Wisconsin!!

| July/August 1994

  • Mogul Gasoline Engines

  • Mogul Gasoline Engines

S1 W25765 North view Road, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186

Here are four Mogul gasoline engines that were at several Southeastern shows in 1993. They are owned and restored by: Dan Vadnais, W239-S390 Pewaukee Road, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188. They are mounted and run on an oak deck, tandem axle trailer also built by Dan. The engines are as follows: 2 serial number CZ 755 built 1914, 1 serial number Y8408 built 1918, 1 HP serial number W18735 built 1917, 1 HP Jr. tag missing.

Dan, being one of the local expert machinists, likes 'shiny' flywheels and pulleys! All four engines run really well but if you ask Dan he will tell you the 2 HP runs the best. Maybe because it is his favorite. If you attend any shows here in Southeastern Wisconsin stop by and say 'Hello' to Dan.