He Does the Work, I Hand Him the Tools!

| February/March 1996

  • Dave relaxes with the 6 HP Fairbanks

  • Dave relaxes with the 6 HP Fairbanks

Lakes Bedford, Kentucky 40008

David Pirtle and I really look forward to each issue of GEM. Personally, I'm glad that young people like him are interested in this hobby. Also, he and I are drawn closer together, as he does the work on these engines and I hand him the tools!

At right, Dave relaxes with the 6 HP Fairbanks Model Z owned by George Thomas of Hanover, Indiana.

This is the first time it has run, and everything worked correctly after many idle years. The major accomplishment was the rebuild on the fuel pump and complete overhaul of the carburetor.

Other odds and ends included removing bearing play (removed many shims), new buzz coil wires and spark plug. It is still a little rough around the edges but, it is in good working order now. What better way to enjoy a fall evening and sense of accomplishment than to listen to the melodious rhythm of an old engine.