| June/July 1997

21 Broadway St., Leipsic, Ohio 45856

I have been interested in steam and gas engines since I was a boy when I worked for a gentleman in a lawnmower shop.

My wife and I have attended engine shows for years and have never seen them pulling under load or working. Most engines are just sitting there running.

I am also a pilot and thought I could use a 'run-out' prop. After I contacted a prop manufacturer, I found that they would not sell one to me for this purpose due to safety reasons.

Since I run a small welding shop which accumulates all types of scrap materials, I found an old positive displacement pump, which I used as the heart of Grizzly. Next I built a tank with runners, mounted the pump, added a pulley, pressure gauge and a tachometer. After some fine tuning and help from friends it was ready to go. It uses hydraulic oil and has a built-in relief valve.

My first several pulls were rather disappointing, as the engines tested didn't seem to produce the rated horsepower. Following more discussions with friends, we decided to test it on a tractor. We then put the tractor on a dynamometer for comparison. This worked well, so we slid the figures on our charts to match. Now the horsepower measurement is in line with engine ratings.