Greetings to all

Dear Fans and Fellow Members:

| January/February 1972

We wish to extend greetings and express gratitude ...... for the many courtesies extended us when we exhibited at your home state shows; the one hundred ninety six (196) exhibitors, helpers and honored show officials for their contributions to, and being a part of Cheraws second Annual show; the thousands of spectators for their most gratifying compliments.

Margaret & Robert Rogers, Antique Acres, Cheraw, S. C.

SHOW REPORT - Cheraw, S.G.

ANTIQUE ACRES - APRIL 16 - 17 -18, 1971

Exhibitors, button-wearers, skimmer-wearers, etc. from 21 states and Canada shook up the 5,700 residents of this little town in April, 1970.

In April, 1971, you enlarged your numbers about tenfold, you came from 26 states and Canada, and you shook up patrons of several multi-state TV networks, radio stations, and the press from the two Carolinas.

These patrons had missed the show and clamored for views, so three weeks following the show, fifty per cent of each Farm and Home TV program consisted of scenes from the antics of Antique Acres.

Nearly every TV news hour had three to five minute spots.