Great-Grandfather's John Deere

| March/April 1981

10113 106 Avenue, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada T8V 1J9.

My great-grandfather, Peter E. Schroeder, immigrated from Kansas in 1921 and bought land in the Peace River Country, west of Clairmont, Alberta, Canada. He brought with him a John Deere type E engine.

I did some research and discovered it was purchased for $24.95 from a John Deere dealer in Kansas and was brought up in an ox cart. It pumped water and ran the forge and grinder for 20 years.

My dad told me that in the winter, grandpa used to heat up the mag, put hot water in it, and after two cranks it started.

After grandpa died about 1960, it sold to another farmer, Ewald Epe, who farms at LaGlace, Alberta. He used it for ten years on his well then replaced it with a Briggs & Stratton. The old J.D. engine was to retire to pasture and there it sat to rust for eight years.

I never knew about this until one day at our farm in Clairmont, I was digging around some old junk and came across the manual with the bill of sale for this particular engine. I had a lot of research to do to find out who now owned it.