Gray-Aldrich Engine

| May/June 1993

740 Honeymoon Hill, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738

I first saw this engine at Dacusville, South Carolina, Pioneer Days, September '88. My name being Gray, I wanted/needed it... not for sale.

The next time I saw the engine was at Arden, North Carolina, Apple Country Antique Engine Show. It was for sale, and for less than I would have paid the first time I saw it.

It is a United 1 HP, Type A, air cooled, as shown on page 520, Wendel's book. Where United called it 1 HP, Gray-Aldrich stretched it to 2 HP.

This engine has been at many shows in the surrounding area, but so far no one has ever seen or heard of another Gray-Aldrich. I have talked to engine people in the northeast and still no one knows anything about the Gray-Aldrich Company.

I tried the Boston City Clerk, because the plate says 'Gray-Aldrich, Boston, Mass.' They told me it would cost $10.00 to research the files. Later I received a letter 'certifying' that no such company was registered in Boston between 1907 and 1968.