Grandfather's Engine Made of Cornstalks

| May/June 1992

  • (Perry) Vandeveer 'cornstalk engine'
    Mr. (Perry) Vandeveer and his 'cornstalk engine.'

  • (Perry) Vandeveer 'cornstalk engine'

26 Pineview Drive Henrico, North Carolina 27842`

While cleaning out some of my family's old trunks I was pleased to find some old newspaper clippings.

Being an old iron collector and subscriber to GEM, I felt that these clippings might be of interest to other readers.

I can remember when I was a young man hearing my family talk about Grandpa's hobby but never had the pleasure of seeing anything but these newspaper clippings.

I am curious as to the outcome of the models my grandfather made. I would like to hear from someone in Louisville, Illinois, who could tell me if they still exist and if the Public Library is still there. 

The following text comes from a clipping from the Louisville, Illinois Evening News. The exact date is unknown.