Grand Island ENGINES

| October/November 1993

P.O. Box 237 Mayer, Arizona 86333

As a follow-up to my recent letter to you, (Reflections Column, 28/3/50, March 1993, page 13), in reference to information pertaining to the manufacture of gasoline engines in Grand Island, Nebraska, by my grandfather, Albert Lykke, I have enclosed a copy of Mr. Lykke's business card.

As you can see, the card displays a nice photograph of Mr. Lykke's 6 to 8 HP engine. I thought your readers would enjoy the photo and card. Also, there is a copy of card 'B' advertising 'Lykke's Auto Repair Shop.' This business, I believe, followed my grandfather's 'Lykke's Grand Island Foundry' (Card A) business during the early part of the century. Note that Mr. Lykke served as an agency for Jackson Automobiles, which according to 'American Cars 1805-1942,' Krause Publications, were manufactured from 1903 through 1923 in Jackson, Michigan.

Also documented in the Krause publication, under Lykke, are my grandfather's foundry and engine manufacturing, and the 1901 Lykke automobile, which he built. My late father recalled that only one car was built. Grandfather Lykke intended to start a small auto factory in Grand Island, but the town council apparently persuaded him not to because the muffler cut-out had not been perfected yet. I can only assume  my   grandfather used one of his engines in the manufacture of his auto.

Of further interest, my great-grandfather, Christopher Lykke, manufactured and sold horse drawn carriages in Grand Island, in the later 19th century. It is possible to assume that Grandfather Lykke may have mated his engine to his father's carriage chassis.