First Rotary Mower

| March/April 1989

The first model

This is the first version of the first model. Note flywheel position, Maytag carburetion and rope starter on top. This mower belongs to my good friend Jerry Nance of Odessa, MO. This is the only mower like this we know of... we would be happy to hear from

P. O. Box 406 Oakland, Illinois 61943

Mr. Leonard Goodall was a very good mechanic, and was shop foreman for the Theodore Schock Garage in Warrenburg, MO, for several years. He was a very talented man, and was always doing other jobs to make extra money, after he got off work at the garage. With a jig-saw in his basement, he would make jig-saw puzzles. He would take these jig-saw puzzles to the college store, where they were rented for 10$ a night. He also had a lawn mower sharpening business. He had a little Ford pick-up truck that he used to pick up the mowers, and after sharpening them, would return them. He also had a cabinet shop in the early 30's, where he used his talent as a wood worker.

However, life was not always good to him. One time, while he was working on an old tractor, with open drive gears, with the engine running, the tractor vibration caused the tractor to jump into gear. One of his legs was caught in the gears and was cut off.

Another time, when he was adjusting the bearings under the car, a pan of gasoline ignited and burned him severely.

However, these unfortunate accidents did not discourage him. His determination and ingenuity is what makes this article possible. He always kept his mind busy thinking of a better way to get a job done-The result was the GOODALL ROTARY MOWER.

In 1930-31, Leonard Goodall was mowing his lawn, that had a lot of buckhorn and plantain in with the grass. When he pushed his reel-type lawn mower across his yard, he noticed that the reel mower had just pushed the buckhorn and plantain over, instead of cutting them off like the grass. He thought what a job it was going to be to have to take a hand sickle or scythe and go over his yard again to cut off those stems! He said to himself, 'There has to be a better way than this to have a neat lawn'.