| July/August 1973

  • Globe Engine
    Courtesy of V. R. Douglas, Route 1, Box 96, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627
    V. R. Douglas

  • Globe Engine

R.R. 1, Box 96, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627

I have worked on gas engines all my adult life from small Briggs and Stratton to 800 HP diesel. My association with small gas engines was repairing them for someone else. When electricity came to the farms I lost interest in them.

I am sending you a picture of one I found in a junk yard in Galesburg, Ill. in 1947 or 48. Why I picked it up, I don't know except I thought it was cute. There was no name on it and I had no idea what it was. I got it running a few times then stored it out in a shed and forgot it. In fact I almost junked it a couple of times. About four years ago Jerry Boeddeker, my neighbor, saw it and wanted to restore it as he was collecting antique engines.

Pictured is a Globe engine manufactured by the Globe Manufacturing Company at Macomb, Illinois in 1919. Only a few hundred of these were made and for some reason they didn't work out and were called back and destroyed.

This engine has 10 inch flywheels and the camshaft is chain-driven, head and cylinder cast in one piece and is water-cooled.

Jerry showed it at the Colchester, Illinois, show and found another engine just like it there. We found out they were made in Macomb, Ill., in 1919. They were made by the Globe Mfg. Co. which made a carload of them I am told, and sold them possibly to run washing machines, water pumps, and etc. They sold fast but for some reason they didn't work right and came back about as fast and the company melted them down again.