Gleason, Bailey & Sciple Engine

| April/May 1997

RD 9, Box 234, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 17815

Iown a Gleason, Bailey & Sciple engine. I have been to exhibits all over Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia and I would like to know if any subscribers have heard of or seen one before. I have had this engine to shows all over and thousands of people have looked at it. I only met one person who had even heard of it and he had some parts of another one: George Constantine of Bordentown, New Jersey.

I purchased this engine from an estate. The man had more than thirty engines. When he passed on, his wife sold all but three. This was one of the three that had not been sold because it was not in running condition. I was looking for an engine to run an old Myers pump that I had found. I had heard about this lady who had some so I went to see her. She told me she would sell an engine to me, so I bought it and brought it home. I didn't know whether I could get it running or not. I took it to a friend of mine, Larue Royer, from Limestonerville, Pennsylvania. We hooked it up to an electric engine and in a couple of hours we had everything working good. I took it home and restored it to its original condition.

The following spring I took it to a couple of shows. A buddy of mine, Russ Housekneckt, and Royer asked me where I got it. They said they had never seen anything like it before. I exhibited it for about three years.

Eventually, we contacted Seneca Falls Historical Society. They told me they never made a engine but that, at one time, there was a person named Cowing who had a machine shop. Cowing sold out to Gleason about the same time the Seneca Canal was put through, but still they said they never made an engine. Around five years ago they were moving things in the Historical Society and found a booklet that had 'Gleason, Bailey & Sciple' on it. They are very interested in this engine and so are many other people. As close as they can figure, this engine was made between 1888 and 1903. I would like to know if there is anybody who has a engine like this and if they had any additional information on it.

The Seneca Falls Historical Society would love to have it. I don't know what to ask for it, although I have been offered what seems to be a fair price. It may be one of a kind and my sons are not interested in them. I'm getting up in age and I'd like to see somebody have it who would appreciate it. It runs very well.