| May/June 1978

R.R. 2, Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

In your GEM, January February 1977, page 22, you have an article on the Gilson gas engines, so I thought that I would write you an article on what I know about the Canadian made Gilsons.

Up until seeing, in a back issue of GEM, an article on the makes of gas engines where it mentioned Gilson engines made in the USA, I had always thought that they were made in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

In the 1930 years I owned and ran a 12 HP on a small saw-mill. I do not know when it was bought. I presume some time in the first World War years, as I bought it second hand. It developed a small crack in the bottom of the cylinder at the head end right through into the water jacket. It did not hurt it when running, but when it set idle it leaked into the head. Being no electric welding in those parts then, I foolishly sold it for scrap.

It was a great old engine, very easy to start in the coldest days and a very simple engine in parts. It had a magneto, trip type onto a Ford T spark plug hit and miss governor. They had a very poor clutch pulley. I had two U bolts through the spokes on mine. There was a four inch sleeve on the end of the crank shaft and two tags where you clamped onto this sleeve, which was not much of a hold on a twenty four inch pulley, eight inches wide. So what happened, is that they just slipped on a heavy pull and if you tightened them too much the tags broke.

There were different rims on the pulley for different speeds. I had four-12', 16', 18' and 24'.