A Tribute to the Man and his Collection!

| September/October 2000

Archer Auction

Part of the enjoyment of an auction is watching the crowd. They followed each engine intensively with their price sheets in hand. There were plenty of serious buyers, as well as plenty of lookers. A total of 421 bidders registered with Nixon Auctioneers. You could hear the buzz among them from the amazing prices for the rarer engines and even some of the common engines. No bargains to be found that day. Some were disappointed after a fast round of bidding. I'm sure there were plenty who went over their limit as they nervously looked again and again at the engine that was being sold.

Some other highlights of the auction. . . . . . .

2 HP Bullseye, restored on trucks, $9,100

1? HP Stickney on trucks, $5,300

Falk 3 HP sideshaft, $7, 100

4 HP Mogul sideshaft on skids, hopper cooled, 100% complete, restored, $7,500