| July/August 1986

  • Ice Cream Freezer

  • Ice Cream Freezer

Using gas engines to run ice cream freezers is a novel idea especially when it brings in about $2,000 for a worthy cause.

The 30th annual Pennsylvania Relief Sale, sponsored for World Relief to be channeled through the Mennonite Central Committee, was the recipient of the $2,000.

Operating the engines were Paul Rohrer, of RD7, York, PA, and his brother-in-law, A. Samuel Gish, RD2, Palmyra, PA.

Rohrer's engine is a John Deere hit and miss 1 HP, 1928. He used lawn-mower parts to restore reduction gears for it. Gish's engine is a Stover 1 HP type K. Both engines, hooked up to 5-gallon freezers, made a total of 2,300 dishes of ice cream.

The Pennsylvania Relief Sale this year brought in $214,000. The sales started in 1957 under the leadership of the late Ford Berg. First year's proceeds totaled $4,500. Total raised to date is $3,185,000.

Most of the cash brought in by the sale is from auctioning of quilts made by women of the church. Next year's sale will be held Friday and Saturday, the first weekend in April, at the State Farm Show in Harrisburg.