Gas Engines His Hobby

| July/August 1974

  • James
    Courtesy of James Walsh, 30 Skene Street, Whitehall, New York 12887
    James Walsh

  • James

30 Skene Street, Whitehall, New York 12887

The picture with my story, shows a few of the engines, that was taken two years ago and as I remember and from help from the wife, the first is a Hercules made for and used in the Jagear cement mixer. The other is a Fairbanks Morse, Bulldog with the oscillator and make and break ignitor and further back on a shelf is a Newway air-cooled with the fan on the side which has a spark plug and vibrator coil with battery. I guess my pal, Tippy, also got in the picture.

I have a Maynard sold by the former Charles Williams Stores. This is a five H.P. I run this one with the coil and battery as the Mag needs repair. Another that I have just rebuilt is an International with one disc flywheel and the pulley turns in the opposite way. I have a Fairbanks upright, water-cooled with the make and break ignitor, three H.P.

One of my gems is a Deering three H.P., water-cooled that has the make and break with a Mag. This has a solid hot head and should operate on kerosene in the main tank. For starting there is a compartment in the carburetor for gas and after it warms, it is turned over to the kerosene and water is mixed with the kerosene. I believe this was the idea of adding humidity, the same as the older cars run better at night when the air was more humid. This has a throttle governor and starts and runs real well. I have a Maytag air-cooled two cycle that used the coil and battery.

Also, I have the old Briggs and Stratton with the carb in the base and one push rod for the exhaust. Both valves are headed over on top. Another is a Witte that has a mag and spark plug, water-cooled two H.P. and an Ottawa log saw, one flywheel, five H.P. water-cooled. The only one that I have not run is an International Mogul with the make and break and mag. I used nail heads for points but will have to get better material as it does not fire under compression. Also, I have used an old six volt auto coil which is not the proper coil but will work.

James, pictured with his engines [a man of great spirit, for though blind, he does not let that keep him from enjoying his gas engine hobby].