News on Gas Up and Gas Engine Reunion Meetings

Dorothy B. Smith shares news about upcoming gas up and gas engine reunion meetings.

| July/August 1967

  • Antique tractors on display.
    Antique tractors on display.

  • Antique tractors on display.

Learn the latest news on upcoming Gas Up and gas engine reunion meetings. 

News on gas up and gas engine reunion meetings. Because of the weather the "gas-up" on May 7th was not very successful. There was a mixture of rain, sleet and snow all day. Even so, there was a very good crowd. Twenty-five engines were counted running at one time. Because of the weather, the auction was postponed and will be held late Saturday afternoon of the annual reunion on July 29th.

Dick Wood, a Director of the Association, had a "gas-up" at his home in Livonia, N. Y. on May 14th. The Central New York Branch had a raly at the home of George King, Port Ontario, N. Y. on May 21st.

The Committees have been named for the Annual Reunion which will be held on July 28, 29, and 30 at Fairville, N. Y. This is on Route 88, between Newark on Route 31 and Sodus on Route 104. Non-members give a gate donation of $1.00 (men only, women and children free.)

Other attractions in the neighborhood are the Rose Gardens in Newark, and the Morman Pagent which is held the same weekend in the evening.

There will be a place for tents and campers. If you wish motel accommodations, I suggest that you get them in the morning before you come to the show. Last year some had trouble when they waited until evening.