Troubleshooting With Gas Engine Parts

Stan Read talks about engine troubleshooting using a variety of gas engine parts.

| January/February 1967

Learn about troubleshooting with gas engine parts. 

News on troubleshooting with gas engine parts. I wasn't studying my lessons closely enough, for I note that the publication deadline was November 10 and it is now December. This early deadline probably was for getting the magazine out in time to allow the staff to enjoy the holidays and I think they all certainly have earned a rest and relaxation. The first year of publication undoubtedly was a great effort but was a great joy to the old engine buffs.

Looking through the Fall and Winter Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalog for the year 1924-25 I found they were selling their "Sattley" line of engines in two models. The first was a "New Sattley 1 hp". It was advertised to develop two horsepower under load and to be "A Simple, Sturdy Engine With 40 Less Working Parts . . . Less Wear — Fewer Repairs . . . A General Purpose Engine". I found this specially interesting in regard to present day restoring: "Ten Working Parts Interchangeable With Standard Ford Parts . . . Pistons, Piston Rings, Piston Pins, Spark Plug, Piston Pin Bushings, Valve Spring Seat, Spring Seat Plug Pin, Valve — Exhaust and Intake, Connecting Rod Cap Bolt, Connecting Rod Clamp Screw. Regular Ford Pistons and Valves may be used with slight alterations . . . ". Slots probably had to be cut or filed in the piston to guide oil to the piston pin from the lubricator, but I don't know what changes in the valves are required.

Simplicity was emphasized: "All parts of the engine are quickly and easily accessible. For example: the side rod, cam, gear, governor parts and speed change parts can be removed by taking off two nuts". Actually, one nut holds all this stuff on and the second nut locks the first one. These nuts also adjust the governor spring tension. Anyway, be real sure the first nut is locked on by the second nut, or the whole business will run off and this usually spells disaster for the timing gear — a part not easily replaced. Specs.: 1 hp at normal speed of 550 RPM. Bore, 3 inches. Stroke, 4 inches. Wico Magneto. Pulley, 4 by 4 inches. Crankshaft diameter, 1 1/2 inches. Flywheels, diameter, 15 inches; weight, each, 45 pounds. Shipping weight 265 pounds. Price: $52.80.

Since Model T Ford parts are available many places, I thought this information might be of special help to those with limited tool facilities wishing to restore an engine. Also, Wico still sells points and condensers for their Model EK Magneto such as this engine and many others use. This is Wico part X6494 Condenser and 12X502D Breaker Set which consists of stationary point, washers and nuts, and movable point, screw, spring and felts.

Montgomery Ward also advertised Hit and Miss Sattley Engines in 3, 5, and 7 hp models. These weighed 470, 925, and 1300 pounds and cost $91.00, $125.75, and $145.00 respectively.