Gas Engine News and Remembering Homer G. Prudom

Anna Mae delivers the latest gas engine news and writes a memorial to Gas Engine Magazine reader Homer G. Prudom.

| January/February 1967

  • Smoke Rings
    Gas engine news.
  • Horse Power International Tom Thumb
    Photo courtesy of J. Rex Haver, Lock Haven, PA.
  • Fairbanks-Morse 7 H.P. Gas engine.
    Photo courtesy of Ruben Michelson, Anarnoose, North Dakota.
  • 18-36 H.P. Hart Parr Gas Tractor
    Photo courtesy of Ken Kestel, Manhattan, Illinois.

  • Smoke Rings
  • Horse Power International Tom Thumb
  • Fairbanks-Morse 7 H.P. Gas engine.
  • 18-36 H.P. Hart Parr Gas Tractor

Read the latest gas engine news from Anna Mae. 

The latest gas engine news. Well, here it is — the January-February issue of Gas Engine Magazine which heralds the beginning of the second year — may it be a Happy One for all of you folks and not to be selfish, but I hope it will be a better one for the staff of the Gas Engine Magazine for as you know, I've been in the hospital twice — and Earl Snell (Kitty's husband) has just been in over a week and then Elmer met with an automobile accident which hospitalized him for about 11 days, then he was home about five days and had to be taken back for another lengthy stay — but right now, everyone is looking for the best to come this new year of 1967.

One of the bright notes in this year for us was the birth of a granddaughter — our first grandchild born December 2 at Allentown Ostepathic Hospital (Eddie and Kathleen now live in Bangor, Pennsylvania and I understand it was quite a trip to the hospital as it takes about an hour to get there, but Grandma and Grandpa Cascioli got them there safe and sound, this is the Cascioli's first grandchild too. The new parents named the little one Stacy Jo and she weighed in at 5 lb. 14 oz. We understand she is doing fine but we at this end of the line are all awaiting anxiously for the first visit that we can make to see our new little member — although they only have one niece she inherits two Aunts from our immediate family and two Uncles all at once — that's a pretty good beginning! Perhaps next time I'll have more to tell about the little angel.

A short letter from F. Hal Higgins of Davis, California offers us two corrections on errors made in our Nov-Dec. magazine. He writes, "Page 20, item under the International Motor Cultivator, top right, has LeRoy — change Y to I and you have it right. Page 23, that four-wheel Massey-Harris would be helped by inserting the word (drive) after wheel. There weren't many 4-wheel drive tractors at that date, and a lot of gas tractor followers like to know which ones were of that type." Our apologies and thanks for constructive criticism.

This is my two horse power International Tom Thumb with hit or miss governor and make and break ignition-battery. I found this engine in Hodes Junk Yard, Pleasant Gap, PA. Everything was rusted fast but as most of the parts were there I bought it, paying five cents per pound. The fellow who helped me load it in my station wagon said "I don't see what you want this thing for, you'll never get it running."

I do not know where it came from but apparently it had been out in the weather for years as all of the grease was gone and most of the. paint. I spent hours taking it apart, cleaning rust, painting and putting it back together. The only part that I broke was the exhaust valve. I had one, almost the same size, so that was no problem. As this engine has a brass connecting rod, I equipped it with brass grease cups.


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