Gas Engine Magazine Readers Share Their Stories and Appreciation

Gas Engine Magazine readers share their engine stories of repair and paint and their appreciation for the magazine.

| March/April 1966

  • Painting a gas engine car
    Working on and painting a gas engine car.

  • Painting a gas engine car

Gas Engine Magazine readers share their thoughts on engines and their appreciation of the quality of the magazine. 

Reader Robert Seabold asked about "the thick porcelain like coating found on some old castings."

Most likely the material referred to is Rough Stuff, this was used over an oil primer to build a good surface for finish coats.

After work was primed it was spotted, a hard drying putty was knifed on, filling all holes, cracks, etc.

After sanding a thick smooth coat of rough stuff was brushed on, If needed a second or third coat was applied, sanding between coats.

After hard and dry and good clean up the color and varnish was applied. Varnish was rubbed out with ground pumice and water. Work and material was kept warm and dry, 80 degrees was ideal.