Gas Engine DISEASE

| March/April 1983

4365 Woodlane Drive, Woodbury, Minnesota 55125

Are you infected? There are estimates placing from five to one hundred percent of gas engine collectors on the sick list. Is this good or bad? Well, it depends if you are a 'flywheeler' or not. Ninety percent of 'flywheelers' don't believe they are struck down with the illness, while about ninety-five percent of friends, spouses, neighbors, and children of gas engine enthusiasts would bet their life savings on their relation having this unique illness. Generally speaking, Gas Engine Disease (GED) usually has no fatal symptoms. It can strike almost anyone from age two to one hundred and two, in as quick as one day or as long as several decades. Personally, I would estimate about 15,739 cases in the United States alone. This disease is very much like alcoholism in that once you get it, you can only arrest it. There is not yet any known cure. GED had reached epidemic standards in the past several years. There have been many theories as to why. One is that people are finally realizing how much fun they can have with their little 'put-puts'. Another is the joy people get out of attending swap meets, shows, auctions, and reunions, has spread the bug rapidly. Some believe it is the state of our economy. Others think it is because there is a greater population today than several years ago. Whatever the reason, GED is with us, and it is not going to go away, ever.

Listed is a series of questions. Answer each of them correctly and honestly to determine if you have been struck with Gas Engine Disease:

1. Do you own five or more gas engines?

2. Did you attend more than two shows last year?

3. Have you spent more than $500 on engines or related items?