In What Year Was This Gardner Petrol Engine Produced?

| 3/4/2014 3:12:00 PM

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Australian enthusiast Ross Minehan recently purchased a large Gardner petrol engine, which is running. He is seeking any information he can find on the engine and is hoping that GEM readers will be able to help. He is particularly keen to learn the horsepower, year of manufacture and what the large hand pump near the magneto is used for: It appears to pump air through a pipe that goes around to a valve on the other side of the engine that has a priming cock and a lever that can lock the valve closed (or open?).

Gardner Petrol Engine

The engine has a bore of 7 and a half inches and a stroke of 14 inches. The flywheels, which are solid, measure 48 inches in diameter with 4-inch faces. The complete unit weighs approximately 2.75 tons. The only other clue he has been able to find is "GARDNER 6H" cast into both sides of the block, and "No. 6 — 2685" cast on air intake.

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