Galloway Masterpiece


| February/March 1998

R.R.2 Mitchell, Indiana 47446

I purchased the engine believing it was stuck, but after hauling it home I found out it wasn't. My sons helped me set it upon a set of skids, and we added, oil to the cylinder and slowly worked the flywheels back and forth for several minutes, until the piston moved freely. We added a few shims to the connecting rod, hooked a hose from a lawn mower gas tank to the engine to provide gas, and fired it up. After some minor adjustments, the engine was running like it had just come off the assembly line.

We built a truck for the engine out of scrap metal lying around the farm. A small propane tank was installed between the flywheels to be used as a permanent gas tank. After several hours of sanding, we painted the engine and truck, and set the engine on the truck. We built a battery box and installed it on the truck. Finally, the pinstriping was applied to the engine, which became a lengthy process because we reconstructed the design from pinstriping that was found on the original paint.

I also own a 6 HP Witte and a 6 HP Fairbanks-Morse, but the Galloway, #30962, is truly a masterpiece and my favorite.