| March/April 1979

  • Galloway engines

  • Galloway engines

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This article will discuss Galloway engines 2? HP and larger. It continues from the stopping place of Part I which appeared in GEM, March-April 1978.

The larger engines are much more difficult for me to discuss. I have fewer of them and have seen fewer. Also, there are many variations and with slight changes the HP was raised. There will be a few charts, but no more than necessary.

This article will discuss the engines of each year for which I have literature, and move chronologically.

My first information is 1908 and the line appears to be the same as the Davis engines, (see Table below). All of the engines, including the 28 HP apparently were hopper cooled. The 1908 literature shows one tank cooled engine-1 5 HP, and nothing is said about it being horse portable.

These are the 'round rod' Gallo-ways. They all have a water cooled head which is almost flat with no radius of curve to the side. The crank shaft is machined. Main bearings are babbit and rod bearings are bronze. Water hoppers are a separate casting and very rectangular in shape. The water fill hole is round with a raised flange. The mixer is Lukenheimer and all have battery coil and ignitor. There is a single governor weight bolted to the flywheel, which operates a beveled sleeve on the crankshaft, which operates a lock on the side bar for hit and miss operation. The intake valve is inside the rocker arm support. There was a compression relief globe valve on the off side of the cylinder.