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The flywheels came out great , as did the exhaust pipe, which was fabricated from a tire valve.
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The Gade is almost finished, mostly waiting for a final assembly. The mixer still needs to be finished, and then the cylinder head will be installed.

Hello again, everyone. By the time most of you get this issue the holidays will be well under way, with Thanksgiving being over, Christmas close at hand and close to the start of a new year. The best part of a new year is that we all start with a clean slate, on an even playing field. Here is wishing everyone a safe and joyous holiday season.

The other day I called Roland Morrison at Morrison & Marvin Engine Works, Benton City, Wash., and asked him a few questions about a Morrison & Marvin Gade model that I brought out of storage to finish. He mentioned he is selling out the existing stock of the Mery engine model, and he is not planning any more at this time. Now if you have ever wanted one of these fine models and have been putting it off ’til later, well, now it is later!

With that noted, I’ll give a short recap of what is finished and what needs to be done yet on my Gade.

The head is turned and valve guides drilled. I removed some of the metal from around one head bolt hole, as suggested by Roland, so I can install the small brass acorn nuts on it. The piston is turned out in aluminum and will be fitted with an O-ring, as my bore looks good enough to not tear the O-ring when passing over the dual port in the cylinder. The connecting rod is also finished, which included chamfering the sides of the large hole, crank side, to ride on the crank. Ever see a full-sized engine without some con-rod taper on the hole?

The flywheels are turned and one of them is broached, with the governor system bolted onto it, including the collar. The belt pulley was one of the first things I did, as it was an easy way to start off the model. The muffler was finished by using a spring and heating it to make my rivets. Roland suggested using small finishing nails, which was much easier. My exhaust pipe is made from a brass tire valve stem. I am currently working on the latch-out system and it is close to being finished. I also found that 26-gauge metal is close to the 0.032-inch I needed for the latch plate. There will be some small parts I need to make as I start putting the model together. This should be soon, as my “parts to do” box is almost empty.

I need to start work on the mixer and get that finished, as I will start and run this model on propane: I’m looking forward to this. With any luck I’ll have the thrill of seeing the Gade take its first breath in a future issue.

I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Is this hobby great, or what?

This month’s tips for model and scale parts sources:

• B.P. Machine handles Stickney engine kits: 6853 U.S. Highway 24, Antwerp, OH 45813; (419) 258-7172.

• Douglas A. Schneider handles plans for the Otto-Langen engine: 21219 Highway 1057, Kentwood LA 70444; (504) 229-8160.

These tips are for your thoughts only, and your fuel lines may vary.

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