Fuller & Johnson Mfg. Co. and The Farm Pump Engine

| July/August 1999

Farm Pump Engine

8316 Streng Avenue, Citrus Heights, California 95610

Joe Graham sent us a copy of a letter he found in an antique shop in Savannah while on a trip through Oklahoma in 1998. The letter was printed on Fuller & Johnson letterhead, and had been mailed with a two cent stamp, on October 3, 1913.

10-2-13-B D. C. Cripe, Stanley, Wisconsin.

Dear Sir:

It has just occurred to the writer that you might be interested in our plant here and the manner in which the Farm Pump Engine is built. We therefore take pleasure in writing you in this connection.

In the first place, the Farm Pump Engine was designed by a man who was not only a born genius and a mechanical engineer with years of experience, but a practical farmer as well. This man knew the work that the engine should do--he knew the conditions under which it would have to operate. That is why the Farm Pump Engine is so adaptable to farm work and it is why the engine has met with unparalleled success.