| May/June 1988

GEM is planning now to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the invention of the gasoline tractor, in 1989, and we are eager to learn of all you will be doing to celebrate this century of achievement. Please send us your information. Some organizations are already embarked on commemorative plans.

The celebration will mark the building of six tractors by the Charter Gas Engine Co., of Chicago, Illinois, in 1889. Trade name was Burger. Charter put one of its single-cylinder stationary engines on a Rumely steam traction engine. The first model, which was also the first gas-engined vehicle on the North American continent, was used in South Dakota, near Madison.

Since show time is now with us, and crowds can be expected to be the biggest ever, you may want to ask visitors for any information they might have on the Charter or any other old gas engines. There is no time like the present to record the recollections of oldtimers.

Jack Versteeg, national president of EDGE & TA, suggests a new event for shows to consider-see details on page 10. Events such as these help attract and please attenders.

Make certain your organization has a full list of safety measures so that your show or reunion can proceed without mishap. Some clubs post the rules prominently on the grounds so that they can be read and heeded by exhibitors and guests alike. Liability can be a thorny problem.

Our Steam &. Gas Show Directory is selling well and still available. We are working on the new Farm Museum Directory, and a new book catalog will be ready shortly.