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Lansing, Mich.

Specifications (smallest to largest):
• 1913, 1 HP, 3-1/4-by-3-1/2-inch bore and stroke
• 1920, 1-1/2 HP, 3-3/4-by-4-inch bore and stroke
• 1919, 2 HP, 3-3/4-by-4-1/2-inch bore and stroke
• 1925, 3 HP, 4-1/2-by-5-1/4-inch bore and stroke
• 1921, 4 HP, 5-by-6-inch bore and stroke
• 1917, 6 HP, 5-1/4-by-7-inch bore and stroke
• 1921, 8 HP, 6-1/2-by-7-1/2-inch bore and stroke
• 1920, 10 HP, 7-1/2-by-8-1/2-inch bore and stroke
• 1918, 15 HP twin, 7-by-7-1/2-inch bore and stroke

Submitted by: Louis Tuller, 2374 Franklin Ave. Mt. Pleasant, IA

New Holland

New Holland, Pa.

Patented: April 7, 1903
Horsepower: 1-1/2
Serial number: 131
Bore: 3-3/4-inch
Stroke: 6-inch
Flywheel width: 2-1/4 inches
Flywheel diameter: 25 inches
Governing: hit-and-miss, weight in flywheel
Ignition: battery and low-tension coil
Unique features: This engine still has original paint and some
striping, and the round rod and compression release are on the
bottom of the cylinder. The company name is cast in the high

Owner: Bob Kubisch, 2111 Gilbride Road, Martinsville, NJ

New Idea

Coldwater, Ohio

Company: New Idea Spreader Co., built at the Sandwich
Model: N2 Vari-speed
Year: 1930s
Horsepower: 1-1/2 to 3
RPM: 500-800
Serial number: AH1348
Governing: throttle-governed
Ignition: Bosch high-tension magneto
Unique features: Replaceable valve guide; tapered roller bearings
on the crankshaft.

Owner: Vernon Schneiderer, 16732 Robinson Road, Marysville, OH

Olds Gas Power Co.

Lansing, Mich.

Model: Type 2A
Year: 1912
Horsepower: 3
RPM: 500
Flywheel width: 2 inches
Flywheel diameter: 28 inches
Ignition: spark plug, battery, buzz coil
Unique features/interesting fact: This engine has a bolt-on water
hopper, a headless cylinder and the base is a gas tank.

Owner: Ernest Champ, 1005 S.E. 550 N., Peru, IN 46970

Seager Engine Works

Lansing, Mich.

Model: 4A
Year: 1907
Horsepower: 6
RPM: 425
Flywheel width: 2-5/8 inches
Flywheel diameter: 33 inches
Ignition: spark plug, battery, buzz coil
Unique features: This engine has a headless
cylinder and the base is a gas tank. Seager built Olds

Owner: Ernest Champ, 1005 S.E. 550 N., Peru, IN 46970

Olds Motor Works

Year: 1901

Horsepower: 3
Serial number: 5387
Weight: 1,350 pounds
Bore: 4-1/2-inch
Stroke: 7-inch
Flywheel width: 3 inches
Flywheel diameter: 30 inches
Governing: pendulum latch-out system
Ignition: low-tension igniter
Unique features: A gearless style with eccentric and small star
wheel to open the exhaust valve every other stroke, when the
pendulum governor allows.

Owner: John Whitney, 1615 Willow St., Sycamore, IL 60178; (815)

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  • Published on Jun 1, 2007
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