Found in Shed at Blair, Nebraska

| July/August 2000

  • Novo 3 HP Engine

  • Novo 3 HP Engine

8536 Seward, Omaha, Nebraska 68114

I found this 1927 Novo 3 HP engine in a shed at Blair, Nebraska. It had been sitting for 38 years, so I'm told. The owner and I agreed on a price and I took it home.

It weighs 425 pounds. I found some green paint on it, so I painted it Hunter Green. After much research and hours of trial and error, I began the challenge of getting it to run. It was loose and had good compression. I sent for a repair booklet from Hit and Miss and some parts they had: fuel pump, wiring, crank copper tubing etc.

My friend, John Klien of Omaha, built the box to hold the Model T coil and motorcycle battery for spark.

The moment arrived to try the crank and see if it would pop. What a joy when it did! I had found a real treasure! I'm the same age as the engine, 72 years.