Formerly A Flower Pot Engine

| April/May 2001

Sun-Power Engine

2145 Shilhon Road Duluth, Minnesota 55804

These are pictures of an engine I just restored. This engine was a flower pot in Two Harbors, Minnesota, for maybe 50 or 60 years. When I got it, there were flowers coming out of the hopper; there was no carburetor or ignitor bracket on it, so it was exposed to the weather.

This is a Sun-Power 5 HP, serial number 4187, 4' bore by 8' stroke. I am enclosing a tracing of the nametag, which reads 'The Source from Which All Power Flows' on top. A friend pinstriped the engine and painted the hopper sides the same as the nametag. I hand-painted the engine with a brush. I had to put a sleeve in it and make new valves and springs.

When I got it, the dirt in the hopper was right to the top of the hopper. I think that helped to save the engine, as there were no cracks anywhere. The fuel tank base was full of red clay nearly to the top, so it was a real ' bear' to clean up. Doesn't even leak.

I asked many collectors what color a Sun-Power engine would be. Nobody came up with the same answer, so I decided to paint it yellow like the sun. Then I made the moving parts blue like the sky, and all fuel parts red.

A friend of mine, Bill Young, gave me several oak 3x5 pieces, so I have been making some carts for engines from them.