FOOS 30 HP No. 38902

| May/June 1999

Big engine

A big guy and a big engine, Portland, Indiana, 1998.

3491 E. Deckerville Road, Cass City, Michigan 48726

Upon hearing about a large hopper-cooled Foos engine in the late 1970s and how derelict it was, I soon put it out of my mind.

About 15 years had passed, and not that I needed another project, but I found myself still thinking about that big Foos.

In August 1991 I went to look at it. The engine had been sitting at an antique shop location since about 1972. Rod and piston were out, as were bearing caps. Gears, governor, ignition and many other parts were missing.

Still, it was a big engine, and I like big engines.

I made a deal with Mr. Bob Ogorek and I brought it home in September 1991. I sat it outside and decorated it with lights at Christmastime 1991.