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| November/December 2003

Wizard 1 -1/2 HP

38/11/1: - Query of the Month Wizard Horizontal

Q: I have this Wizard 1 -1/2 HP (at 500 rpm) engine, serial no. 1656. It was made by Temple Pump Co., Chicago, Ill. I think it was made in the middle 1920s, but am not sure. It has a Wico magneto, but don't know if this is original. The engine came out of an Oregon estate. Any information on this engine would be appreciated. Leonard Kastner, P.O. Box 23, Lexington, TX 78947; (979) 773-2666.

A: We have almost zero information on your engine. According to C.H. Wendel's American Gas Engines Since 1872, your type of engine was first introduced in 1910. A picture of a similar Wizard appears on page 507 of Wendel's book, but there are numerous differences between it and your engine. Wendel suggest that Temple went out of business around 1914-1915, and at the time of his writing he noted that none of this style of engine was known to exist, making yours very rare, indeed.

38/11/2: 2 HP Majestic

Q: I have a 2 HP Majestic engine, serial no. 144737. It's complete and runs, but I have no information about its manufacture, etc. Also, what brazing rod do you use to braze platinum points on steel igniters, and what are good techniques to use when doing it? Steve Hay, 450 Interchange N., Lake Geneva, WI 53147; (414) 248-6157.

A: Your Majestic was marketed by Hartmann Co., Chicago, Ill., but made by Waterloo Gasoline Engine Co., Waterloo, Iowa.