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Le Roi, Caldwell-Hollowell, Delco Little Joe and Globe light plant

| October 2007

42/6/1: Le Roi Engine

Perhaps one of the Gas Engine Magazine readers can provide me with some information for this engine made by Le Roi Co., Milwaukee, Wis. The pump was made by Barnes Mfg. Co., Mansfield, Ohio (size 4, Model L 302). Jim Fitzgerald, 208 Governor Stoughton Lane, Milton, MA 02186-3713; (617) 512-0100.

42/6/2: Caldwell-Hollowell

I need some help. I think I have an early Caldwell-Hollowell hit-and-miss engine. It has a 4-1/2-inch bore. I would like some information on the engine. Thank you. Edward Williams, 10187 Harrison Ave., Farwell, MI 48622; (989) 386-9452.

42/6/3: Delco Little Joe Gen Set

I just got a Delco Little Joe Gen Set (6-volt, 150 watt). It is in very sad shape, but because it was something my grandfather (or great-grandfather) had, I would like to try to restore it. I am looking for parts and or information about it. R. MacLeod, 271 Scofield Drive, Moraga, CA 94556;

42/6/4: Globe Electric and an unidentified engine

I have a Globe light plant with engine no. G 3262, 3 HP, (above) 1,240 RPM. The tag indicates the engine is from Globe Electric Co., Milwaukee, Wis.

What make is the engine on the light plant? Above the coil, wire can be seen going to points at the end of the camshaft. There is also a linkage to the flyweights inside the flywheel, and an oval gas tank with brass brackets to the cylinder head. It is a side valve engine and the cylinder head appears to be full of lime deposits. The casting number on the cylinder head is GM10.

I am also wondering what the engine in the background is. Detailed photos are shown below. It has an enclosed crank case and an oval opening in the cooling tank. There is no crank, piston, sleeve, connecting rod, cylinder head, valve train or nameplate. Paul Douglas, P.O. Box 197, Brooklyn, NY 53521.

10/9/2013 8:01:48 PM

I have a cladwell-hollowell engine no.6446 (brass tag) The engine is tank or screen cooled.(no hopper) It is a sparkplug engine.The plug is on same side as the mixer. It has a 4in. bore. any info. will be appreiched