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| May 2006


41/5/1: Aermotor information

This Aermotor engine is the 8-cycle style, but has two flywheels and is 4-cycle. It has a Webster magneto and igniter. It has been to shows in New Jersey, Vermont and Pennsylvania, and no one has ever seen one.

This engine came out of Enfield, Conn., near Hartford. Someone in Connecticut may know the history, but I bought it from a gas engine widow and didn't get any information.

If anyone knows about this engine, or any like it, please contact me. Robert Hullfish, 15 Cold Soil Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.

41/5/2: Owner's manuals

I am looking for owner's manuals for the following two engines: Modag 6-cylinder diesel engine, made in 1956, serial no. 416068, 230 HP, 720 RPM and Type R6Z127L1; and a Fairbanks-Morse 2-cylinder diesel engine, Model 32E12, 120 HP, 360 RPM, serial no. 948622. Erasmo Gonzales-Holmann, 5103 Yuma Court N.W., Washington, DC 20016; (202) 362-0242;

41/5/3: Springs and hooks

In February's Gas Engine Magazine, I was asking for information on a missing crank guard. Well, I was getting answers before I got my new GEM. The engine is a Fairbanks-Morse, no serial number, built from 1913 to 1916, 2 or 4 HP and throttle-governed. Thanks GEM.

I am also working on a Seager Engine Works of Lansing, Mich., I think built in 1907. This engine has the nicest springs and hooks. The hooks will screw on the springs. Has anyone run into this type? I believe they would have been sold in 36-inch lengths and about 10 hooks in each pack. They could be any diameter.

Larry Fleming_3
5/10/2009 11:05:51 AM

I just aquired a 1906 Olds type #5 8h.p., and I am looking for some type of operators manual for it, maybe some one might read this and let me know where I can find one or have something e-mailed to me. Thanks Larry. Happy motoring.