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| December 2007

42/7/2: Foos truck

One of my pickers located a 1-1/2 HP Foos Jr., which I now have in my possession. The engine is mechanically sound and complete except for gas tank and muffler. I have a question, not of the engine, but of the truck. None of my Foos literature shows a truck for this size engine. Is it a Foos truck or another engine manufacturer? The larger wheel on the truck is 12 inches in diameter. Bob Kubisch, 2111 Gillbride Road, Martinsville, NJ 08836.

42/7/1: Detroit engine

I have a Detroit engine and I would like to know more information about it.You can see additional photos of the engine at

My questions are: How does the fuel injection and float system work? How does the governor regulate the speed of the engine? What is the correct relaxed length of the governor spring? What is the correct size for the battery box, fuel tank and skid?

Are the following numbers significant: "B 54" stamped on the end of the crankshaft; "B 54" stamped on the flywheel rim;"1 AG" cast onto the cylinder;"3 AG" cast onto the crankcase. Paul Breaks, 3976 176 St., Surrey, BC, Canada V3S 0L5.

42/7/3: Identification request

This photo was taken on the farm of Ed Fordham near Aberdeen, S.D. Ed was my great grandfather. I don't know when the photo was taken or the make and model of the engine. Maybe someone with more knowledge could tell us? The man on the left is Ed Fordham and his son Clarence is in the center. The man on the right is unknown. Lynn Curtis, P.O. Box 426, Pawnee City, NE 68420.

42/7/4: Ideal Model R

I've just recently acquired an engine called an Ideal Model R, serial no. 06802. I'm told it is a hit-and-miss engine from a lawn mower and has no magneto. It's supposed to use a battery and a buzz coil. Could someone please send me a wiring diagram for this engine? It's in very good condition and I'd like to try to get it running. Thank you. Bruce Chapman, 64 Loxwood St., Worcester, MA 01604;