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Information requested for Lawson, California and unknown engines

| April 2008

43/3/1: Lawson date request

I'm asking for help in determining the year of a 4-1/2 HP John Lawson Type F with serial no. 8675. I have a 1916 Lawson catalog that shows a 4-1/2 HP, but it was cast with the cylinder/hopper separate from the base. My engine is a one-piece casting with the gas tank cast in the base. It is very heavy, probably 1,600 to 1,800 pounds. Does someone out there know when this might have been built? Roger Lewis, 314 Greenwood Drive, Paris, TN 38242.

43/3/2: California engine info

Here is a photo of a California engine that I recently purchased. I have looked over the entire engine and cannot find a serial number - only the front plate with the name and "6 HP." Can someone please help me find information on this engine? Rolf Heinrich, 1465 Russell Way, Sparks, NV 89431;

43/3/3: Unknown engine

Here are two photos of my sludge pump. "No. P 102" is on the head and "No. P154" with the letter "p" above the number is on the muffler. It has a Simms magneto; it's gear driven, hit-and-miss and the crank is in the flywheel. There are two square oil holes on the crankshaft and there was green paint on it at one time with the letters G, C and a small h. It is all cast and very heavy. I've had it for 40 years and would like more information about it. Lloyd O. Larson, 3871 E. 1453rd Road, Earlville, IL 60518; (815) 792-8469.

43/3/4: ID request

Can you help me identify this engine? It's 1-1/2 HP with a serial no. of 304213. It has split-bolt hubs and flywheels that are 16 inches by 1-3/8 inches in diameter. It has a WICO magneto with sparkplug; and the mixer, muffler and head are cast as one piece. Richard Stryker, 53 Taylor St., High Bridge, NJ 08829-2006.

43/3/5: Parts for a Sylvester

I have a Sylvester railroad engine, which was made by the Sylvester Steel Products Co. Ltd. in Linsay, Ontario, Canada. The company was originally the Sylvester Mfg. Co. Ltd. formed in 1876, producing all types of simple farm implements. They began building gas engines about 1902. The engine I have was probably made in the 1950s. The name change to Sylvester Steel Products came March 8, 1956.

These engines ran forward and in reverse. Fairmont, in the U.S., also made engines very similar to these. The tag on my engine reads: "Mfg. by Sylvester Steel Products Co. Ltd. Linsay, Ontario, Canada. No. 8172, Type K.P., HP 6-9." I'm looking for a parts or operating manual for this engine. Any information may be forwarded to Ron Baer, R.R. 1, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada L3K 5V3.

mike clay
1/20/2011 9:35:18 AM

looking for a flywheel with ring gear for a 1954 le roi monoblock air compressor model 105g1, s/n 211x2118. engine has four cylinders plus another two cylinders for the compressor all in one block. i measured from the c/l of the crank to the bottom of the teeth on the starter gear and it is approx. 8.5 inches, so the flywheel is pretty good size (+ or - l7 inches overall diameter.) any help would be appreciated. also, checked out the allis chalmers WC,WD,WD45 flywheels but they all are 12-13 inches overall diameter, so this machine must have a special flywheel application. any help would be greatly appreciated. the engine and compressor are completely rebuilt and ready to run if i can get this part. thanks, mike clay