Fix For Missing Magneto

This ingenious device makes up for a missing magneto or one that is beyond repair

| September/October 1975

  • Ingenious device

  • Ingenious device

I saw this ingenious device on a magneto and spark plug type engine where the mag is either missing or beyond repair, also it can be adapted to an engine where the timing linkage is missing. It goes as follows.

1.  Drill timing gear and place a spring type clip fastened to a bolt in this hole.

2.  Make a bracket to fasten to engine block. Drill this bracket and place an insulated peg to make contact each revolution of the timing gear.

3.  We are improvising a sort of set of ignition points with this. To explain this: find top dead center on ignition stroke back off about 5 degrees. Mark the timing gear and engine block in a place where you could install this ignition system. Drill the timing gear near a tooth and put in the spring clip arrangement. Make the bracket and fix it in a position so you still keep the engine in time. Place an insulated peg in this bracket to make contact each time the peg comes around on the timing gear. Hence you have a completed circuit.

An elderly man said he copied it from a Deiter engine which was made here in Cherryville, Pa. It is really quite a simple functional arrangement. If you don't follow my drawing please advise and I'll try to get a photo of the system.

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