First Things

| October/November 1989

261 Buckboard Rd, Newcastle, California 95658

While I was participating at the Pugest Sound show in Lynden, WA in 1987, a man stopped by and said he had a California engine up in Canada and wondered if someone would be interested in it. I said I would come take a look at it after the show as I collect California engines. When looking at it I found that it had no main bearings, rod bearings, gas valve body, carburetor, rocker arm or original electrical parts, and someone had converted it to a hit & miss linkage. I knew that wasn't right either but made him an offer which he accepted.

I brought it home to Newcastle, and after a week called Larry Snow of Branch 13 as he has information on California engines. He already knew that I had found a Regan engine! Word does get around!

I asked him to send me information on the engine, and he said he would be by in a couple of weeks with it. When he came he brought a 4 HP Regan with a missing flywheel, which he had just acquired. He and three other club members had spent two days with on site-built raft getting it two miles up the river in the gold country.

Seeing his engine-and parts- gave me the opportunity to make patterns for my missing parts so 1 could cast them later.

I spent most of the spring getting it ready for the 1988 National EDGE&TA show at Merced, California. Then off to Lynden, Washington for their 1988 show. While showing it at Lynden three people had long faces as they had turned down the opportunity to buy it because it was 'too far gone' for them! It drew a lot of attention at the show.