| January/February 1973

Ohio 8 HP Engine

Courtesy of Wayne L. Fisher, Reaveley Road, Hancock, New Hampshire 03449.

Wayne L. Fisher

Reaveley Road, Hancock, New Hampshire 03449.

Those of us up in good old New Hampshire have finally stopped using the one cylinder gas engines for everyday work and have gone to digging them out of the barns and reviving them to their former greatness.

On October 29, the Profile Automobile League sponsored the First Annual Gas Engine Meet. This meet was open to members and non-members alike. The weather was not on our side as there was an abundance of liquid sunshine. This didn't dampen the spirits of the people who managed to bring out about fifty engines and four or five antique cars.

The largest engine was a 10 hp. Abenaque owned by Mike Worcester and Brian Barden, both of Dublin, N. H. There were also two very small engines, both of unknown manufacture.

The Dublin Fire Department assisted us greatly by providing a lunch consisting of beanhole beans and ham.

This Ohio 8 HP engine belongs to Philip St. Jean.