First Annual Pepperell Crank Up Show

| May/June 1976

Gasoline Alley

Courtesy of Kim C. Spaulding, 5 High Street, East Pepperell, Massachusetts 01437

Kim C. Spaulding

5 High Street, East Pepperell, Mass. 01437

Gasoline Alley - that's my LA 1-1/2 HP IHC engine in foreground.

Our first efforts to display antique gas engines and tractors was a huge success. Jim Dunn and I thought that it would be an event that would help Our Town to celebrate it's 200th birthday. We contacted The Bi-Centennial Committee and they thought it was a great idea so we went ahead with advertisements in the papers and the radio plus sending invitations to many exhibitors. We sold souvenir buttons to cover our costs and plan to do the same this year. We do not charge admission or entry fees.

There were approximately 100 engines, 5 tractors, 1 truck, 1 motorcycle and many cars on display of yesteryear's power. The show was held at the town field in the center of Pepperell, Mass, on June 15, 1975 on a day that was just beautiful for such an event. There was ample parking and a spacious lawn area to display the engines and tractors. A local hand pumper fire engine association provided a food stand.

In the afternoon, a group of antique cars drove into the field which was of great interest also. All in all, we had a tremendous turnout of exhibitors and spectators.

This hobby is relatively new for this area but I am sure it will continue to grow. We are looking forward to this years 'Crank Up' and planning for it already. It would be kind of nice to saw some wood with a lunger wouldn't it?